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11月22日本周五晚 SDC Meetup

关于设计,想必你已经对它充满了遐想,想必你和我们一样还在不断探索并喜欢分享。本周五晚7:00 我们将放映一部关于设计思考的纪录片,希望能够帮助大家从不同的角度理解设计,SDC与The Cocktail一同邀你加入这场欢快的设计冥思 :-) 时间:11月22日晚7:00; 地点:北京市东城区后永康胡同17号院东雍创业谷A210, The Cocktail北京办公室内。 本次活动免费,将提供小食与軟饮,由 The Cocktail Experience 公司赞助。 名额有限,请以确认邮件为准。 新浪微博:@ServiceDesignChina , @thecocktail 报名链接:我要报名~

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Service Design Drinks at Migas Bar

Hi all! we are holding the coming SDC meeting next Monday 8th at Migas Bar in Nali Patio, Sanlituan. Starting at 7:30PM. If you are interested in joining us please sign in! Sign in form Venue: Migas Bar, Nali Patio at Sanlituan, Beijing Map

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2013 Beijing Service Design Jam

In early March,SDC hosted Beijing Service Jam 2013 sponsored by the Cocktail China. It was the first Service Jam in Beijing,and went very well.Our Jammers were from different areas.They didn't know each other,yet accomplished each creative service solution collaboratively in only 48 hours. We hope…

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